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Season 1 - finished

Linda and Mae West couldn’t be more different. Introverted Linda only has plants and science on her mind - and meanwhile wastes her life on playboy Alejandro. Or that’s what her younger sister Mae says, who used to be the (wild) life of every party. But after returning home from Paris, it looks as if Mae’s out for something more stable. And she’s determined to find happiness; no matter how distracting certain reminiscents from the past may be.

Navigating through life while trying to meet society’s expectations is not very easy while you’re trying to figure out yourself and what you really want; and soon both sisters find that the path to hell is - indeed - paved with good intentions.

Prequel: Paris - finished

Francesco De la Cruz’ life does not go quite as he expected since he moved to Paris a few years ago to become a popular musician. On the contrary, it seems to get worse and worse the harder he tries, until one day he hits rock bottom - again and again..

When he unexpectedly finds a new friend in Mae he also finds new hope - but he’ll also bring the demons and mistakes from his past to her…

(TW: drugs / (sexual) abuse / death;  but none of these are visually depicted. Occasionally nudity and foul language)

Season 2 - ongoing

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In one fateful night, Mae and few more people decided each on their own (more or less voluntarily) to quit their unhappy lives and start somewhere else anew, far far from everyone else.
Except they accidentally all go to the same place - San Myshuno.
But their lives are so different that it is highly unlikely they’ll meet in the big city… if fate wouldn’t decide otherwise.

Only for Linda life looks rosy now - but is she aware of it?

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This story deals with adult subjects and is aimed at an adult audience. 
S1 - occasionally foul language. miscarriage mentioned.
Paris - drugs / (sexual) abuse / death; none of these are visually depicted. Occasionally nudity and foul language
S2 - foul language / drugs / non-sexual abuse / stalking / sex. No explicit depictions.
There will be no trigger warnings before a chapter. Please be aware you can be confronted with heavy subjects or boobies any time ;) (It's not so much, this story is tame, I'd give it a PG13)
Please read with caution.